Novel birth announcements (1919)

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Hailing the happy event

Some novel birth announcements sent out following the arrival of “Little Stranger.”

The war is evidently responsible for the following “birth” announcement which appeared recently in a Paris paper: “Since twelve o’clock last Friday I am here. Pierre Blouget of —– infantry is my father, and Marie, his wife. Is my mother. My name Is Francois.”

Distinctly original was the announcement out by a Welsh musician when his wife presented him with a baby girl. It took the form of four bars of music inscribed on a letter card. The recipients easily recognized these as from “The Messiah.” “Unto us a child is born.”

A facetious Scotsman named Cash amused his friends by an intimation through the newspapers that his better half had presented him with “a little Cash.” Ho went on to say that as a result he would have still less cash in the future, and the more Cash he had to keep, the less cash he would have to spend.

Combining a birth announcement with an advertisement strikes one as the last word in enterprise, and Mr Fox, a poultry dealer, who inserted the following notice in the papers, should be congratulated on the novel way in which he commended his wares: “Another little Fox found its way into my establishment between ten and eleven last night; but notwithstanding its arrival, there will be no diminution in the number or quality of the geese for which my establishment has long been famous. Remember that the old fox is always cunning in securing for business the plumpest goose.”

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