Frozen brandy sauce

This is a rather novel pudding sauce, and it is the best to serve with a plum pudding that I know.

Heat one cupful of milk with one-sixteenth teaspoonful of salt and stir in one level teaspoonful of cornstarch moistened with a little cold water.

Stir over hot water until slightly thickened and smooth, cook for four or five minutes longer and stir in the yolk of an egg beaten lightly with half a cupful of sugar. Remove from the fire, cool, add a teaspoonful of vanilla extract, a bit of grated nutmeg and one cupful of thick cream whipped solid. Turn into a chilled freezer and freeze slowly.

When the cream begins to congeal, add half a cupful of brandy and freeze solid. Do not add the brandy at first, or it will not freeze for a long time.

Other flavorings can be used if preferred, such as bitter almonds or maraschino.

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Source publication: New-York Tribune

Source publication date: December 22, 1918

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