Apple frappé

Cook dark red apples with the skins on. Strain juice, and add a few drops of cochineal. One pound sugar to one quart juice. Add juice of four lemons. Freeze. Serve in glass cups.

Orange frappé

Combine the juice of 12 oranges, two lemons, one pineapple and eight pounds sugar boiled in one pint water till it makes good syrup. Add enough coloring matter to make yellow, yolks of six eggs added to syrup. Freeze.

Banana frappé

Cook six bananas in one pound of sugar and one quart of water. Strain and cool, add juice of one pineapple, two oranges, one lemon. Freeze.

Pineapple frappé

Grate one pineapple, and add juice of one orange and one lemon. Boil one pound of sugar and two cups water for 10 minutes. Add juice; bring to boil. Cool; freeze to soft snow. Serve in sherbet glasses.

Recipes from A C Jochmus, Pacific Grove, California

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Source publication: The San Francisco Call

Source publication date: July 13, 1913

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