Fireplaces in California homes (1910)

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Fireplaces in California homes

Fireplaces in California homes

The open effect of the interior construction of California bungalows and cottages makes it possible for many artistic possibilities in the building of the fireplace, as stoves for heating purposes are an almost unknown quantity in this section, and the ornate fireplace adds much to interior attractiveness.

Several of our native stones are used in fireplace construction; as also the manufactured product cast in shapes more or less irregular, and very closely resembling real stone, and tinted to harmonize with the walls and tiling.

The tendency in tiling is to extend it for quite a space around and in front of the fireplace, as it very much lessens the chances of woodwork catching fire, and in itself takes the place of other decorations. It is desirable to give consideration to color in selecting your tiles for fireplaces, and the following suggestions may be appreciated.

For the library, we would suggest a dull finish ecru tile. This will accord with the tint you will in any case use in your ceiling and be entirely harmonious with any color decided upon later for the walls. The tapestry material selected for your mahogany living room will most probably show some dull, olive green and smoked blue; therefore, you have a choice in tiles of either of these colors. Always select those of dull surface.

In the white reception room, the question is less easily settled. When you determine upon the color for your silk panels, we would suggest that if rose or Nile green or any appropriate tone is selected the same color appear in the tile. A white finish tile could be used, but in a room with so much white, this would not be interesting.

Illustration: Original fireplace photo featured with the article

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