Driving with a pig and other silliness (1916)

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The picture of this woman with a pig isn’t directly related to the stories below, which were published in July 1916 by the New-York Tribune… but they fit the theme of the summer of ’16, which seemed to be all about silliness. It was good people had a little fun then, because the next two years — with the country’s entry into WWI — would be pretty tough.

It has been my experience

I have found a new way to remove fly paper from an afternoon gown to which it has stuck. Take an ordinary pair of grape-scissors and clip away the dress-goods from around the spot to which the fly paper is sticking. This leaves the fly-paper as good as new. – Mrs. T.L.C., 46 Tremen Avenue

Dear It Has Been My Experience: I used to suffer from nose-bleed until I discovered the following simple remedy: Drop a heaping teaspoonful of Portland cement up each nostril and hold the head back until it has hardened. – Mrs L.J.P, 11 Tuna Road

Dear I.H.B.M.E.: I have found an economical use for the little black wooden collar-buttons which come back in my husband’s shirts from the laundry. I put them away in my spice-box and use them as cloves for seasoning ham, or mix them in a white sauce as an effective substitute for capers. – Mrs. H.J.M., 3 Nausea Street

Dear Experience Column: The other day, while I was seeding blackberries, I thought of something which might be of interest to your very valuable column. Do you think that it would? -Mrs. S.N.N., P.O. Box

How to make embroidered overalls

Among the season’s newest offerings affected by the jeunesse of the younger set is what the smart tailors are calling embroidered overalls, which are, in effect, simply embroidered overalls.

These may be made easily by procuring a pair of plain overalls and a mess of embroidery and sewing the latter on the former.

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Kiddies’ Kozy Korner Klub

Konducted by Kousin Kuthbert

Have you secured your membership button in the K.K.K.K. yet? They are not hard to obtain, and I hope to see all of you wearing them before long.

In order to secure a button all you have to do is cut the coupon out of Page 10 of The Tribune Magazine for nine successive Sundays. When you have them all, put them in mother’s top bureau drawer and send us twelve cents in stamps. Then ask mother to get father’s dress suit out of the trunk in the attic. On the right sleeve of the coat you will see two little buttons. Cut one of these off.

In this way, you will secure a beautiful membership button. As father never uses that button anyway, he probably won’t notice its disappearance. If he does, blame it on your little sister.


Top photo: Pearl White in a car with a pig on her lap (August 31, 1916), Courtesy LOC

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