Craft: Make Revolutionary War-style soldier hats (1913)

Let the kid play soldier

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Two cut-outs for Washington’s Birthday

There is never a boy child who does not love to play soldier. Washington’s birthday is a good time to encourage this play.

The young soldier will be happier if he has a soldier cap. Either of the paper ones represented here in reduced size will answer the purpose.

One is the familiar triangular cap made from an oblong of manila paper, with a red, white and blue cockade. The other is cut in two pieces just alike, of heavy paper or light cardboard, blue, red or ecru in color, and is decorated in red, white and blue crayon.

If this last style of cap is worn over powdered hair and queue, represented by a cotton batting wig, the soldier boy will be sufficiently “continental” in appearance to play that he is a soldier under “The Father of His Country.”

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