Conjoined twins amaze scientists (1914)

Twins born to French mother astound all scientists

The most astonishing case before the medical world today is that of the babies, Susanna and Madeline, who were born with a tissue of flesh connecting one to the other. The young ladies will be for some time compelled to live in the awkward face to face position seen here.

Medical men the world over are watching and studying the case with the interest it deserves, as it probably is the most wonderful case of “monstrosities” of the age. A formation of cells about three inches long and seven inches in thickness, joins the two babies, just above the navel.

Prof Le Fillatre, the noted surgeon and dean of the French Academy of Medicine, will personally perform the operation which he feels certain will separate the two youngsters, who will then become normal children.

They were born about six weeks ago at Champagne, France. The operation will be a bloodless one, the tissue in substance being similar to a lump of fat.

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