Comiskey’s great ball park open (1910)

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Comiskey’s great ball park open

Chicago, July 1 [1910] — The finest ball park in the world. That is the verdict expected by Charles Comiskey this afternoon when the new American league grounds on the South Side are thrown open.

The White Sox will be at home to the St Louis Browns and thousands of Chicago fans, including several regiments of militia, will witness the game and inspect the new home of the White Sox.

Comiskey has arranged for a parade this evening in which 5000 militiamen and various civic organizations will act as escort for Vice President Sherman, Mayor Busse and the players of both teams.


Photo from “Commy” the life story of Charles A Comiskey, the “Grand old Roman” of baseball and for nineteen years president and owner of the American league baseball team The White Sox

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