Clothes trees for the kiddies (1915)

Clothes tree for the kiddies

The Washington times., May 01, 1904, Page 4, Image 4Much work and confusion may be avoided when the children undress at night if each one is made the proud possessor of a small hat tree or clothes tree, or costumer, as they are called.

These come in white enamel, mahogany or any other finish of wood, stand four and one-half feet high and have eight branches, a branch for each article of wearing apparel.

Clothes will be well-aired, the room kept in neatness and order, and every thing ready in place in the morning. The children love them and it is a good way to teach them orderliness and hygiene.

They are inexpensive. Surprise them some morning with one.

Ad shown from The Washington Times, May 1, 1904

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