Clam Chowder

Wash fifty clams thoroughly and put them in a pot with half a pint of water; when the shells are open they are done. Take them from the shells and chop fine, saving all the clam water for the chowder.

Fry out a large bowl of salt pork, cut up fine, and when the scraps are a good brown, take them out and put in a large bowl of chopped onions to fry. They should be fried in a frying pan, and the chowder kettle be made clean before they are put in it. (The chief secret in chowder making is to fry the onions so delicately that they will be missing in the chowder.)

Add a quart of hot water to the onions, put in the clams, clam water, and pork scraps. After it boils, add a large bowl of potatoes cut into eighths of original size and half a can of tomatoes, and when they are cooked the chowder is finished. Before it is taken up, thicken with a cup of cracker crumbs and add a quart of milk.

No seasoning is needed but good black pepper.

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Source publication: The Ogden Standard. (Ogden City, Utah)

Source publication date: May 20, 1916

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