7 Christmas sweets for little ones, from the olden days (1912)

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Antique Christmas postcard with Santa and children

Antique Christmas postcard with Santa and children

Christmas hearts cookie recipe

Ingredients: Two cups granulated sugar, one-half cup cream, one-fourth cup butter, one-half cup chopped candied cherries, one teaspoon vanilla or wintergreen extract, one-half teaspoon red coloring.

Directions: Put sugar, cream and butter into a saucepan and stir gently over fire until the mixture threads from spoon. Remove from stove and let stand till cool, then add red coloring, extract and chopped cherries. Beat until it thickens and begins to grain, then pour into paper-lined pan and allow to cool. Cut into hearts with a small, sharp-edged cake cutter.

Plum pudding bars

Ingredients: Two ounces candied peel, two ounces each of currants, sultana raisins and dates; one tablespoon cold water, white of one egg, a little melted chocolate and confectioner’s sugar.

Directions: Chop all the fruits very fine. Put the white of egg into a basin, add the water and mix smooth. Add one tablespoon sifted confectioner’s sugar to the fruits, and then stir in enough sugar to form a stiff paste.

Let the mixture dry for a couple of hours. Brush it over with melted chocolate. When dry, turn the sweet over on to greaseproof paper and brush over the other side. When set, cut into neat bars with a sharp knife or round with a sharp cake cutter.

Santa Claus squares (Candy)

Put two cups white sugar, one-half cup water and a pinch of cream of tartar into a granite saucepan and stir well. Then place on fire, but do not stir. Let boil until it blows a bubble, then pour it out in equal quantities into three deep plates. Into each pour a few drops of almond extract.

Into first plate, pour a few drops of green vegetable coloring, and a few drops of red coloring into the second. Leave the third plate as it is.

Allow to stand for five minutes, then drop a few nut meats into each plate. Stir each plateful until cool enough to knead, then knead until creamy. Lay on oiled paper in a long, even loaf about two inches wide. Place the white layer between the colored layers. Let candy cool, then slice it. Wrap each slice in a paraffin paper, fold up and fasten with a Santa Claus seal.

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Fig cream (Candy)

Ingredients: Three cups sugar, one cup cream, one-half cup corn syrup, one-half pound figs, one tablespoon lemon juice.

Directions: Cook the sugar, cream and syrup to a soft ball; test (firm and waxy); cool the mixture, stir, and when it thickens, add the figs (cut fine) and add lemon juice. When too thick to pour, spread on buttered pan and cut into squares before it is cold.

Snow balls

Ingredients: One pound almond paste, one pound powdered sugar (three cups), two tablespoons lemon juice and one white of egg.

Directions: Knead into the paste, gradually, the sugar, lemon juice and unbeaten white of egg. Form the mixture into balls and roll in cocoa. It may also be dipped in melted chocolate or fondant. Then dip in honey and roll in shredded coconut.

Kris Kringle dates

Wash the dates, then wipe and remove the stones. Fill with fruit fudge, press together and roll in granulated sugar.

Pineapple rings

Select a pineapple that has been canned whole and cut into rings one-fourth inch thick, or use sliced canned pineapple. Simmer in a thick syrup until it is firm and candied. Remove from the syrup and place them in a draining pan that has been well greased. When dry, dip the rings in melted chocolate and sprinkle with grated nut meats.

– Miss A. Hill, Oakland

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