“A Variety of Recipes” from Maybelle Halladay, 514 Sixteenth Street, Oakland

Chicken terrapin

Roast whole chicken in “Dutch oven” or roaster until tender. When cool, pick from bones, dice finely; add half a can mushrooms, three hard boiled eggs chopped; salt, pepper and paprika to taste.

Chicken terrapin sauce

Dissolve one heaping tablespoon of flour in two tablespoons melted butter; add one cup cream; cook until thick; add chicken mixture; beat thoroughly and just before serving add half a cup sherry wine. Serve very hot.

Oxtail saute

Wash well unjointed pieces of oxtail; roll in flour and brown in half butter and half lard. Cover with plenty of boiling water, and then add one small onion sliced, two small carrots diced, three cloves, three peppercorns, three allspice, one bay leaf. Allow all to simmer until the meat almost falls from bones. Allow the gravy to cook very low; thicken with flour and add glass of sherry wine just before serving.

Deviled crab recipe

Pick crab from shells, chop finely and clean back shells thoroughly; put one tablespoon half butter, half lard, into a pan and cook in it until brown a little finely cut onion; remove onion; add to fat one spoon of flour and enough milk to make a gravy; season with salt, paprika and very little nutmeg. As you take gravy from fire, add one well-beaten egg; now add all to crab and stir well. Pour into cleaned shells, sprinkle with fine cracker crumbs and bits of butter and brown lightly in oven. Serve with sliced lemon.

Fish Spanish

Grease dripping pan; lay in bottom slices of fish cut one inch thick; sprinkle with breadcrumbs, salt and pepper; lay a few slices of onion and green pepper and a few bits of butter on fish; cover with tomatoes, either fresh sliced (preferred) or canned. Bake 20 minutes to half an hour. Barracuda is best, but sole or halibut may be used.


Two well-beaten eggs, one and a half cups sweet milk; sift together two cups cornmeal, one cup (scant) flour, six level tea spoons baking powder; add eggs and milk and butter the size of a walnut previously melted in the dripping pan the bread is to be baked in. Bake 20 minutes to half an hour in rather quick oven.

Boston brown bread recipe

Two cups yellow cornmeal, one cup graham flour, two cups sweet milk, one cup sour milk, half a cup black molasses, one teaspoon salt, one handful brown sugar, two teaspoons soda dissolved in water. Mix all well, put in greased small bottom bucket with tight cover and steam three hours.

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Source publication: San Francisco Call

Source publication date: 12 November 1911

Notes: California Women Who Cook (Column)

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