Chicken tamales

Take two quarts yellow dried corn; boil in water mixed with half cup lime. When well-cooked, wash thoroughly, then grind the corn on a “metata” three times, till it becomes very fine. (The metate can be purchased at any Spanish store.)

Chicken tamale recipe (1912)Have two medium-sized chickens boiled till quite tender; cool, then cut in small pieces. Mix with the corn enough of the water in which the chicken was boiled to make it soft, and add about two cups lard. Season with a little salt and knead thoroughly.

After this, take three red chilis, remove seeds, then roast in a moderate oven for a few seconds; take out and place in tepid water, then grind in a metata several times, together with almost a head of garlic.

In a stewing pan place some lard, about a tablespoon. When hot, drop in one onion, cut fine, and a tablespoon of flour; let cook a moment, then drop in the chili, then the cut chicken, a cup seeded raisins, a cup stoned olives and salt and pepper to taste. Let come to a boil; take away from fire and cool.

Have some dry corn leaves, well-soaked for several hours in cold water. Shake them well and apply a thin layer of corn dough on the half of each leaf, then put a spoonful of the stew on the prepared leaf and cover with the prepared leaves; tie the ends with strings made of the same leaf.

When the tamales are finished, place them in a large pot with a little boiling water; boil gently for one hour. Any other meat may be used if desired.

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Source publication: The San Francisco Call

Source publication date: 8 December 1912

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