Can you hang pictures? (1910)

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Can you hang pictures? (1910)

Can you hang pictures?

The artistic arrangement of pictures is of fully as much importance as the selecting of your purchases. If you have not an artistic temperament or a good eye for harmonizing colors, and the appropriateness of subjects for the various rooms, it is better to ask the assistance of your friends or secure the services of a profesaional home furnisher, for every large city has several people who make it their business to buy and furnish homes on commission, and their addresses can usually be secured from a representative dealer in the particular line desired.

Good judgment must be used as to what pictures go best together, and as to the distance apart or the height they should be placed. And always sph that the wall tints harmonize with those of the pictures. Don’t use too much pattern in the wall background, for it detracts from the prettiest effect of your pictures.

Small pictures can best be hung in groups in niches near a fireplace or built-in cabinets. Make your picture fit the place, and not the place the picture simply because there appears to be about the right amount of space.

Extra large and small pictures should not be placed together, for one detracts from the other.

Always let the color of the frame harmonize with both the picture and the wall, and don’t let the colors of the different frames clash nor put extra wide beside very narrow frames. Separate your pictures into classes — oils, engravings, photos, etc., by themselves.

It is often possible to add something to the general effect by judiciously placing a few very small photos or engravings, preferably unframed, among the more serious subjects, for there must be no suggestion of stiffness

And, above all things, always see to it that your pictures hang straight, for that is one of the first things noticed by strangers.

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