Burned leather cake recipe

Cream half cup of butter and 1-1/2 cups of sugar to a white light cream. Add yolks of two well beaten eggs to the slightly beaten whites of three eggs. Sift 2-1/2 cups of flour five times and two teaspoons of baking powder. Beat the eggs well together and add a fourth of them to the creamed butter, then the flour a little at a time with part of a cup of cold water; then the eggs and so on until all are in. Add a teaspoon of vanilla and three tablespoons of burned syrup (recipe below). Beat smooth and bake in layers, having layers even. To two cups of granulated sugar, add ten tablespoons of cold water; boil this without stirring until it forms a thread when dropped from spoon. Pour quickly, beating all the time over the whites of two stiffly beaten eggs; three tablespoons of burned syrup and a little vanilla.

When the layers are cold and icing is cold and beaten well, spread it quite thick over each layer, and, if liked, very finely chopped walnuts are then dusted over each icing layer (not mingled with icing). Put the rest of icing over top layer and dust well with the walnut crumbs. Don’t cut this cake until next day and you will find it delicious.

Burned syrup recipe

Put two cups of granulated sugar in an iron frying pan. Cook until it becomes a syrup, stirring all the time until it begins to smoke. Remove from fire and add very carefully, as it spatters very much, a scant cup of hot water. Stir well; when cool, use bottle. The rest will keep and can be used a little for browning gravies and soups.

From Mrs Fred Whitney, 2048 Polk Street, San Francisco

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Source publication: The San Francisco Call

Source publication date: May 12, 1912

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