Attack, don’t evade, the tough stuff (1918)

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Attack, never evade, unpleasant duties

Putting aside or postponing uncongenial or difficult tasks is the course many misguided persons adopt.

However, the business girl or woman who tries to evade unpleasant duties may just as well make up her mind that her success will be a long time in coming. Every one of us must bear out share of the day’s cares and burdens, as well as perform tasks that are not at all to our liking.

Otherwise it is against all reasoning to conclude that we can either dispose of our work satisfactorily, or make anything like progress in the line we have chosen.

Daily problems

Problems and difficulties are the average person’s lot in life, notwithstanding the fact that many “favored” individuals seem to be spared from anything that savors of work or anxiety. Yet common sense would tell us that trying to escape unpleasant issues is about the poorest policy we could follow. On the other hand, if we bravely accept the bitter along with the sweet, then tasks and conditions that loom up dark and foreboding can be calmly mustered.

The sensible girl or woman is she who unflinchingly strikes right at the heart of this or that trial or difficulty before her. By assuming this attitude she knows that she has everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

On the other hand, if she tries to shirk an unpleasant duty she not only becomes worried and unstrung as a result, but unfitted to properly perform the easy work that must be done.

Any person who toils for a livelihood faces daily new trials and new problems, yet he or she must honestly try to master these issues. Calling on others for help may in some instances result in one receiving a little assistance, but the person who isn’t brave enough to fight his or her own battles unaided will always find pretty hard sledding along life’s way.

It is the height of folly to postpone uncongenial tasks. A cool head and steady nerves are the strongest combination in the world. Let the girl or woman who flinches at disagreeable duties remember this fact – let her keep it constantly before her, and if she does so trials and difficulties will lose their terror.

Those of us who at times find it hard and wearisome should not give way to depressed moods. Dark days come to most persons now and then. We cannot possibly hope to escape what others must accept.

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If things go wrong occasionally we should not lose heart, but on the other hand should face them calmly. If we do this we can, without any question, master the difficulty, whatever it may be.

A feeling of “bigness” comes to the man or woman who strikes right at the heart of the hard problem before him or her. Therefore the wise girl or woman is she who will try to smile when all the world seems awry. Keeping calm and quietly resolving to surmount the difficulty before her means that she will not only master it, but feel bigger and braver as a result.

Persons who foolishly conclude that life is all sunshine and roses will when they least expect it, be rudely awakened from this pleasant dream. Each one of us has a certain work to do, certain cares and responsibilities to contend with, and if we think that the Fates are going to spare us from anything that savors of trial or anxiety a gigantic surprise is in store for us.

A sane outlook

The practical woman accepts each day as it comes, not by any means looking for trouble, but rather trying to see the sunshine that edges the darkest cloud. She does not postpone unpleasant duties, but instead meets them with calm, strong nerves. She sensibly accepts bitter along with the sweet, keeps a cool head and thus finds happiness.

Otherwise life for her would not only mean a series of painful experiences, but she would without any question make miserable and unhappy all those about her.

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