Apple pie recipe

Apple pieSix heaping tablespoons flour, one heaping tablespoon lard and a little salt; work quickly together and mix with as little cold water as possible; divide in half; roll half at a time for under and upper crusts. (This recipe is unsurpassed for pie crust). Peel apples and chop or slice — number varies according to size. Put in pan lined with crust and sprinkle with four tablespoons sugar, one of flour, two of sherry wine, bits of butter, a little salt, nutmeg and cinnamon. Put on top crust and bake 40 minutes in slow oven.

Chess pie recipe

Two-thirds cup butter, four eggs, one cup sugar. Cream butter; beat yolks well; add sugar and beat until very light; then add butter and flavoring. Bake in crust as custard pie, and when done, spread the whites beaten stiff, with two-thirds cup sugar, on top and brown. Serve rather warm.

Recipes from Maybelle Halladay, 514 Sixteenth Street, Oakland

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Source publication: San Francisco Call

Source publication date: 12 November 1911

Notes: California Women Who Cook (Column)

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