Apple Canapes

Apple Canapes recipeCut bread in one-eighth-inch slices, shape with a round cutter, and saute in butter until delicately browned.

Pare and cut apples in halves then remove cores, thus making cavities. Saute apples in butter, cavity side down, in a covered pan. When apples are half done, turn, fill cavities with sugar and continue the cooking until apples are soft. Place on prepared bread and serve with cream sabayon sauce.

To make cream sabayon sauce:

Beat the yolks of two eggs and one tablespoon sugar until light. Heat a half cup cream to boiling point and pour slowly, while beating constantly, on the egg yolk. Add one teaspoon of apricot brandy and cook, stirring constantly, three minutes. Strain.

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Source publication: The Ogden Standard. (Ogden City, Utah)

Source publication date: May 20, 1916

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