A Valentine’s Day party for boys & girls (1918)

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For a St Valentine’s Day party

Ask each one invited to your St Valentine’s day party to bring a Valentine for sending through Cupid’s post office. The names of the boys and girls must be placed upon the back of their valentines, and the valentines dropped into Cupid’s mail box immediately upon entering your home.

Cupid’s mail box is easily constructed out of a cardboard box. Cut a piece from the cover equal to one third of its length, and with a strip of cloth hinged together the two parts (A and B, Fig. 2), and sew the rim of part B to the aides of the box.

Part A is hinged to provide for the removal of mail. In the end of the box at C, cut a slot for the letter drop.

The arched top of the box is made by fastening the pieces of cardboard D (Figs. 2 and 3) to each end of the box, and then attaching a bent piece of cardboard to the tops of these. Slash the curved edge of pieces D and turn them down for flaps to glue the curved piece E to.

Cupid’s postman

Have your little brother or some small boy friend play the part of Dan Cupid’s postman (Fig. 5). A school bag for a mail sack, a pair of cardboard wings (Fig. 6), a cardboard bow and arrow (Fig. 7), and a postman’s cap (Fig. 8) are needed.

Make the cardboard band (A) of the cap to fit the boy’s head, and cut tabs on the edge of the top piece (B) to turn down and glue to the inside of the band. Also cut tabs on the upper edge of visor (C), and glue them to the inside edge of band (A). Make the heart (D) of red paper, letter “Cupid’s Mail” upon it, and glue it to band (A).

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Tips for the party

The postman should collect the mail previous to the serving of refreshments, and sort it over, placing in one pile the valentines posted by girls, and in another pile those posted by boys. Then taking the girls’ valentines in his bag, he should distribute them among the boys. Each boy’s supper partner will be the girl whose name is written upon his valentine. When the partners have been selected in this way, the postman should deliver the boys’ valentines to the girl partners of the boys whose names are written upon the backs.

A heart hunt is a jolly game for beginning the fun at the Valentine party. There should be large hearts, small hearts, half hearts and quarter hearts, and these should be concealed in every accessible hiding place, prior to the guests’ arrival. Count one point for each heart recovered.

Valentine candy boxes

Make heart-shaped candy boxes like that shown in Fig. 9 for each place at the supper table. Cut the top and bottom out of heavy red paper, making them heart-shaped by a pattern folded and cut as indicated in Fig. 10. Cut little tabs upon the edge of the bottom piece (Fig. 11), bend up these tabs, and paste a strip of paper to them to form the sides of the box (Fig. 12).

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