A great new peace agent: The Titanic (1911)

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A great new peace agent

Launch of monster steamer Titanic, largest & finest in the world

Enthusiastic crowds lined the banks of the River Lagan and cheered lustily as the White Star Line’s great steamer Titanic was launched with appropriate ceremonies this morning.

The Titanic will enter the White Star’s New Southampton service late in the year, but her sister vessel, Olympic, steams from Southampton two weeks hence for New York, and, these two sea monsters — each 45,000 tons register, 882-1/2 feet long and 92-1/2 foot broad — boast the distinction of being the largest and finest in the world.

These massive ships are also notable for the enchanting beauty and the unusual spaciousness of their passenger accommodations, and in first, second and third class, the greatest comfort is promised. On both steamers, swimming pools, tennis and handball courts, and Turkish and electric bath establishments are among the innovations introduced for the pleasure of the passengers.

Viewed in the light of their international commercial importance alone, the Olympic and Titanic will accomplish wonders in cementing racial friendships and thus more surely advance the cause of world-wide peace than could many flying squadrons of frowning dreadnoughts.


Top photo:  The 1911 launch of the Titanic from Belfast, on her way to have her interiors fitted. Accompanied by the tugboat Herculaneum.

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