8 classic cranberry recipes for homemade treats (1911)

8 classic cranberry recipes for homemade treats (1911)

8 classic cranberry recipes for homemade treats (1911)

First, a tip from the recipe author: Always cook cranberries in a porcelain-lined or graniteware kettle.

1. Stewed cranberries (whole)

Wash the berries; clip off the tiny, hard, red end of each berry (stem end), as that’s where the sour, puckery taste lies. This also allows the sugar to penetrate more readily. Put the berries in a porcelain kettle with just enough water to cover; then, with a wooden spoon, carefully spread sugar over top of the berries, using two cups to a quart of berries. Do not stir sugar in at all, but set aside for several hours or overnight. Then set them on the back of the stove where they will cook slowly (uncovered). As the scum rises, press the berries down with back of the spoon very gently and skim off the scum. When done, the berries should be perfect in shape — transparent and a rich red.

2. Spiced cranberry jelly

Stew one quart of cranberries in one pint of water until tender; then add three-fourths of a pound of sugar, one teaspoon cinnamon and half a teaspoon cloves. Let cook a few minutes longer, then strain into jelly glasses. When cold cover with paraffin and set away for future use.

3. Cranberry shortcake recipe

Sift one quart flour with two teaspoons baking powder and half a teaspoon salt; then rub in two-thirds cup butter and mix to a soft dough with sweet milk. Rub out into thin cakes and bake in a quick oven. For the filling: Stew one cup berries and half a cup raisins in half a cup of water until soft. While boiling, stir in one cup sugar and one tablespoon cornstarch dissolved in a little cold water. Cook until starch is well cooked. Flavor with vanilla to taste. Beat well, and when cool, spread between layers and on top. The layers of cake should be buttered first.

4. Cranberry dumplings

Put one quart of berries with one pint sugar to stew with water to cover them. Then sift two cups flour, one teaspoon baking powder and half a teaspoon salt; mix with three-fourths cup of milk and drop in spoonfuls in boiling cranberries. Cover tightly and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Serve hot with sauce made from cranberry juice.

5. Baked cranberry pudding recipe

Moisten one pint of breadcrumbs with water; add one tablespoon butter, two well-beaten eggs and mix thoroughly; then stir in one pint of stewed cranberries. Sweeten to taste. Turn into a well-buttered pudding dish and bake until firm. Serve with any kind of sauce preferred, hard sauce being especially nice.

6. Cranberry macaroon souffle

Pound fine enough macaroons to make one and a half cups; pour on them slowly, stirring constantly, one cup scalding hot cream; add pinch of salt, the well-beaten yolks of four eggs and cook in a double boiler until well-thickened. Then add half a glass cranberry jelly, a pinch of cinnamon and sugar to taste. Let stand until cold; then lightly fold in the stiffly-whipped whites of the eggs. Turn into a buttered pudding dish and bake in a quick oven about 15 to 20 minutes. Serve hot with liquid sauce.

7. Cranberry surprise recipe

Stew slowly one quart of cranberries and carefully strain juice, to which add one large cup sweet cider, juice of two large oranges, two heaping cups sugar and the unbeaten whites of six eggs. Turn at once into a chilled freezer and turn dasher until the mixture is beaten to a foam. Serve in sherbet glasses.

8. Cranberry jelly pie recipe

Line a pie tin with puff paste and bake it to delicate brown; then fill with cranberry jelly. Whip the whites of two eggs stiff with two tablespoons powdered sugar and spread on top. Set in oven until a delicate brown.

Recipes by Mrs J S B, 38 Grant Avenue, Watsonville, California

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