Salad dressings

There is an old Spanish proverb that in making a salad, one should choose a spendthrift to measure the oil, a miser to measure the vinegar, a counselor for the salt and a madman to stir it up — but it is wholly a matter of taste with us whether we are spendthrift or miser with olive oil.

French dressing

One salt spoon of salt, one-half spoon paprika or pepper, one tablespoon of vinegar and three of oil. If you dissolve the salt first in a little water, it will be more smooth in beating. A few drops of onion juice is an addition to the dressing.

Mayonnaise dressing

One-half cup of vinegar, two eggs, one good teaspoon of olive oil, one teaspoon of salt, a little pepper, one teaspoon of sugar, one-half teaspoon of mustard, two tablespoons of flour, two thirds cup of water. When cool thin with cream.

Albanholt mayonnaise dressing

Two tablespoons of granulated sugar, two tablespoons of olive oil or one tablespoon of butter, one-half teaspoon salt, a pinch of paprika, scant teaspoon of mustard. Cream together the sugar and butter or oil. Add the other ingredients, place in a double boiler and stir until it is like custard. When cooled whip a half cup cream and beat into the dressing. Follow directions and you will have a smooth and delicious dressing.

Herald cream salad dressing

After creaming together two tablespoons of granulated sugar with two tablespoons of olive oil, place in a double boiler, adding one-half teaspoon of salt, the juice of one lemon and the yolks of two well-beaten eggs. Stir constantly until it forms a thick custard. After it has thoroughly cooled, beat into it a half cup whipped cream.

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