4 recipes for pineapple juice (1916)

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Pineapple juice is one of the wholesome nonalcoholic drinks which may be bought in bottles or can be put up at home. The wonderful Hawaiian pineapple is now well-known and appreciated all over the country.

Medical scientists have been experimenting for years with the fruit and juice to discover its therapeutic qualities. It has been decided by these experts that while pineapple juice is not a cure-all, it is especially good for the digestive organs and a great benefit to sufferers of sore throat. It is also used in the treatment for tuberculosis. It is a delightful drink served with carbonated water, or simply as one does grape juice.

All cooks who use gelatin with pineapple know that they need to use more of the gelatin with pineapple than with other juices, as it shows its digestive power on gelatin.

Regent’s punch

Take the juice of three lemons, one pound of sugar, two quart bottles of pineapple juice a quart of strong Oolong tea and a quart of carbonated water.

Fruit punch

Take two lemons, two oranges sliced thin, add two quarts of pineapple juice, one quart of find large strawberries or raspberries, one quart of Apollinaris water and a pound of sugar. Serve with plenty of ice.

Pineapple punch

Add to the juice of three lemons a pound of sugar, three quarts of pineapple juice and six slices of pineapple, cut in pieces. Serve in a punch bowl with a quart of carbonated water and a large piece of ice. This will serve a small company liberally. Let stand awhile to got thoroughly cold and somewhat diluted with the ice.

Pineapple frappe

Pineapple juice may be used in any number of ways as desserts. A delicious frappe is the following: Boil together for a quarter of an hour, on and a half pints of water with two cupfuls of sugar. Pour the hot syrup over a can of grated pineapple, then add the juice of three lemons, and let stand until cold. Strain and add a pint of pineapple juice and a pint of water. Freeze to a mush.

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