Various ways the housewife can use plums

by Mabel Webster

“Well,” said my visitor, as she put down her fork, “I don’t know where your ideas come from, but that was perfectly delicious.”

They come from my own kitchen, I replied. As the different fruits come in, I experiment in all sorts of ways with them, and my family admit that I give them more variety than they can get elsewhere. You would like some of my plum discoveries? Here they are, then:

Plum fudge recipe

Wash two dozen plums and stew them carefully with enough sugar to sweeten. Remove the stones and put a layer in a deep dish. Over this, put a layer of cooked ground rice mixed with a sliced banana. Add another layer of plums, and then more rice and banana, and so on until the dish is filled. Rice, custard, or blancmange can be used in the place of ground rice with tempting results.

Plum trifle

Line a dish with stewed and sweetened plums. Add to the juice of the fruit about two sheets of gelatin, and heat it up. Over the plums, put a layer of crumbled cake and pour the fruit juice over the whole, and leave it to stiffen. When quite cold, decorate with with piped and sweetened cream and blanched almonds.

Plum and apple pudding recipe

Make a suet crust with half a pound of flour, three ounces of suet, salt, cold water, and half a teaspoon of baking powder. Mix the dry ingredients, and add sufficient cold water to make a stiff dough, roll it out to fit the pudding basin, reserving enough for the top. Flour the other piece, and fold it into four. Then fit it into the greased basin, pressing it carefully to avoid any cracks.

Wash the plums and cut up two or three apples. Half fill the basin with fruit, add about a tablespoon of sugar, and a little water. Fill up with fruit. Trim the edges of the pastry and add the cuttings to the piece saved for the top. Roll it out round, and fit it over the basin, pressing the edges closely together. A little water to dampen the edges will make them adhere. Cover with a floured cloth, leaving a fold in the center. Tie firmly and knot the corners. Boil for about two and a half hours. Turn on to a hot dish, and send to the table with a good custard sauce.

A fold should always be left in the cloth to allow the pudding to swell. If it is well-made and light, it will always do so.

Plum Charlotte Russe recipe

Take a plain round mold and some sponge finger biscuits. Trim the latter into straight fingers and brush the edges with white of egg, and line the sides of the mold closely with them so that there are no cracks. Stew some plums, remove the stones, dissolve a little over a quarter or an ounce of gelatin, and add to the cooked fruit. Stir together for a few minutes and leave to cool.

When tepid and nearly stiff, pour the fruit into the prepared mold. If a quarter of a pint of cream can be added to the fruit puree, it will be still nicer. Turn the mold out gently and serve with stewed plums as a border.

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Source publication: The Ogden Standard

Source publication date: September 18, 1915

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