What to do with loganberries

Red loganberry and currant jelly
Use one drawer of loganberries to one box of currants. Cook these together with a very little water to prevent burning. Strain through a jelly bag and to every cup of juice, add one cup of sugar and put it on to boil again.

Red loganberry and strawberry jam
Take three times as many strawberries as loganberries. Cook loganberries separately and remove about two thirds of the seeds with a fine cloth. Throw away the rest of the seeds and pulp and add the juice to the strawberries. Cook until thickness suitable for jam.

Black loganberry and gooseberry jelly
Use one drawer loganberries to one box gooseberries. Cook together with two thirds as much water. Strain through jelly bag and add one cup sugar to each cup juice. Boil quickly, put in jars and seal.

Loganberry and red raspberry jelly
Use one drawer loganberries to three of raspberries. Cook with a little water; strain. Add one cup sugar to each cup juice; boil quickly and seal.


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Source publication date: July 06, 1913

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