Get busy — make some cookies for the kids

Five o’clock tea cookies recipe

Work one-fourth cup of butter until creamy. Add one-half cup of sugar gradually while beating constantly. Then add three eggs, beaten until light, three squares of melted unsweetened chocolate, one cup of soft stale breadcrumbs without crusts and three tablespoons of flour. Spread mixture in a shallow, buttered tin pan and bake in a slow oven. Shape with a small biscuit cutter and put together in squares with cream between and on top.

Oatmeal cookie recipe

This recipe makes a very large batch of cookies, but they will keep well for weeks.

Mix together four cups of flour (into which you have sifted a teaspoon of soda) and three cups of oatmeal. Add two cups of powdered sugar and three-quarters of a cup of melted shortening with a teaspoon of salt. Moisten the mass with enough cold water to make a very stiff dough. Roll as thin as possible, cut into round cakes and bake.

Pecan cookies

Beat the yolks of two eggs until thick and lemon-colored. Add one cup of brown sugar gradually while beating constantly. Then add one cup of chopped pecan meat nuts, sprinkled with one eighth teaspoon of salt, the whites of two eggs beaten until stiff and six tablespoons of flour. Drop from tip of spoon on buttered sheet, one and one-half inches apart. Spread and bake in a moderate oven.

Crumpet cookies recipe

One cup of sugar, one-half cup of butter, one-half cup of milk, two cups of flour, a little vanilla, a teaspoon of baking powder. Spread with a teaspoon on a baking pan. When baked, roll, while hot, into cornucopias or any style or shape desired.

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