Fish with appropriate sauces

Halibut a la Creole

For family of eight, take a piece of halibut weighing three or four pounds and put in a roasting pan with a large piece of butter, after having seasoned the dish with pepper and salt. Then place the following in a saucepan and heat thoroughly: One onion, one bell pepper, one cup of celery, tomatoes (all chopped). Add one cup water and one-quarter cup of butter; flour to thicken. Pour one-half of this over the fish before putting in the oven. When it has baked for 20 minutes, pour the rest over the fish. Let it bake 20 more minutes and baste often. Just before serving, put in one-quarter cup of shrimp.

Fish with lemon sauce

Into a saucepan of boiling, salted water (enough water to cover the fish), slice one onion, some celery, and add juice of one lemon. Into the boiling water with lemon juice and onions and celery, put your fish — either rock cod or shad ,which has been salted. (It is best salted a few hours before cooking.) To one pint of the water in which your fish has been boiled, add the beaten yolks of four eggs and juice of three lemons and let come to a boil; be sure to stir constantly to prevent curdling. Pour over the fish and serve cold.

Fish au gratin

Get a striped bass of four pounds for a family of eight persons. Put your fish in a roasting pan with plenty of butter, pepper and salt. To this, add one onion, one bell pepper, one-half cup celery, a little parsley, all chopped fine; one cup of water and flour to thicken. Bake from 30 to 40 minutes. When almost baked, add one-quarter cup of shrimp, one-quarter cup of California oysters, one-quarter cup of mushrooms, one-quarter cup of grease, one glass of white wine and pinch of cayenne.

From Mrs A B J, 1240 Regent Street, Alameda

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Source publication date: December 03, 1911

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