10 ways not to need a vacation (1912)

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By following these 10 simple rules, you will make your days so much less stressful, you won’t even need a vacation! Or so psychologist Edward Thorndike said. In fact, the same year he offered this simplistic advice, he was elected President of American Psychological Association.

Vacations not necessary now

Just follow Professor Thorndike’s rules and you will be all right

Prof Edward L Thorndike, head of the department of psychology at Columbia University, has prepared these ten rules which he says will enable anyone to get along without vacations:

  1. Sleep all that is possible.
  2. Get rid of all physical ills.
  3. When interest flags, find a new one.
  4. Always keep on hand a supply of motives or desires.
  5. Never learn by a roundabout method what can be learned directly.
  6. Never allow the mind to dwell on a subject that may not be useful.
  7. Waste no effort.
  8. Never worry.
  9. Never become excited unnecessarily.
  10. Think out what should he done and then do it without talking about it.

At top: Postcard of Revere Beach in Massachusetts (1912)

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