Whose baby was the first born In Greater New York?

Thousands of mothers are interested in the answer to that question. It is an interesting question not only to them, but to everyone — including fathers and sisters and brothers and old bachelor as well.

Can this first baby be located?

Of course it can be, and The Evening World is going to do it.

It has already found one baby born two minutes after the last year of the nineteenth century had begun. This baby is Engelbert Marquart of 106 East 113th Street. At 12:01 on New Years’ morning this baby boy arrived.

It was a close race with young Nineteen Hundred, but the year won.

If some other baby does not step up and give legal proof of haying been horn at an earlier hour, Engelbert Marquard stands a fair chance of carrying off the prize of $25, which The Evening World offers for the first baby of the year.

The certificate of a reputable physician is all that is necessary in proving the claim. A certificate has been sent with the letter of Engelbert Marquard, the happy father of the younger Engelbert. It is signed by Mrs A W Taylor, midwife, 1916 Third avenue and is made out in the regular way showing the mothers name to be Annie and giving all the other particulars required by the Board of Health.

This is Mr Marquard’s letter:

To the Editor:

I believe that I may have the honor of winning that prize for my baby boy. I sent you the certificate of the birth of the child. It was born on Jan 1 at 12:01 a.m.

Engelbert Marquard
106 East One Hundred and Thirteenth Street

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Source publication: The Evening World - New York, NY

Source publication date: 5 January 1900

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