Vintage Valentine cards with ribbon

Vintage valentine card

Front: A Valentine to my sweetheart



Not thinkin’ ’bout the weather, nor what people say or do.
Not thinkin’ ’bout a single thing, my own Sweetheart, ‘cept you!

(Date unknown)

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Pink & red Valentine greetings

vintage-valentines-day-card (5)


You may have guessed it long ago
Because I have enjoyed you so
That you my friend were sure to see
The pleasure you have been to me
And so because I really do
I sent this on – ’cause I like you.

(Date unknown)

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With love to Mother on Valentine’s Day




This fond little greeting just comes to convey
to you, dearest Mother,  on Valentine’s Day
The warmest affection and wishes sincere
For every happiness, year after year


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