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To wash sweaters, sozzle the garment about in quite warm suds, squeezing and pressing with the hands until clean; then rinse thoroughly in the same way, using clear warm water. Do not hang the sweater up, but lay it on a perfectly clean, flat surface a little slanting, if possible, to drain the water off; turn the garment frequently as it dries; or, fasten a cloth by the four corners to some supports, and swing the sweater in that, leaving it to drip dry, with plenty of air. Washed and dried in this manner, it will keep its shape. The same method may be pursued with other knit or crocheted goods.

When washing napkins, after they are clean, rinse well and then dip in boiling clear water, wring out at once, and with a very hot iron, go over them at once. They will be stiff as new goods. Table linen and napkins are best washed by themselves, setting a time aside for that purpose.

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