The Franklin Gentleman’s Roadster motor-car (1905)

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For Two on a Tour

The Franklin Gentleman’s Roadster is unique among motor-cars. It has a 12 horse-power four-cylinder air-cooled engine in a runabout body; the total weight being only 1050 pounds. It can be fitted with canopy, cape or Victoria top, and is designed and engineered for swift touring, and business purposes; with safety, comfort and wonderful economy.

1905-Franklin Gentleman Roadster-antique-car

This type of car, but with less horse power, last summer carried Whitman and Carris from San Francisco to New York in less than 33 days, cutting the record nearly in halves.

It recently made a record run from Minneapolis to Northfield, Minn., a distance of 108 miles in 3 hours and 35 minutes, under very bad road conditions, reducing the record by 1 hour ; and in the Boston Club run to Providence, 47 miles and return, passed is large touring cars, beating one of the best and most famous 30 hp water-cooled car by 12 minutes No other car in its class, and few in any class, can compare with it for practical, economical touring and all-day mileage. As a business runabout it is unequaled by any other car. Send for catalog.

Six Models for 1905: Roadster, Light Touring cars, High-powered Touring cars

H H Franklin Mfg. Co., Syracuse, NY 

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