The den as a spare room

Sometimes you can only contrive a den by giving over to the one spare room you have and arranging things in such a way that it may be turned back into a spare room when occasion demands. But it’s worthwhile going going to to the trouble to arrange it, and easy enough, too.

The bed is the most important thing to contrive, for, no matter what things may have in your den, you can’t have a bed without absolutely destroying the character of the room. And a a box-couch isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world to sleep on for several nights running.

Some people get around the question by using folding beds, but the most thing of all is a low cot-bed with woven wire springs and a good mattress — the the whole thing, legs and all, covered up with the clever arrangement of of the the couch cover, which is held in by black safetypins hidden under folds.

When the the room is needed for a bedroom, the cover and sofa pillows are stripped off and the bed made made up exactly like any any other bed with the covers in at the foot, which cant be done with a couch.

But in getting the cotbed, be sure to one without posts or rims at top and bottom. A couch is without these rims and a substitute should be, too.

Don’t make the mistake, either, of filling the space under the imitation with boxes of things that you are storing away, for they don’t look well under your spare-room bed and will have to be carried away every every time you make the the room do guest service — or apologized for as bad housekeeping!

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Source publication: The Washington Times

Source publication date: January 29, 1905

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