The 14 mistakes of life (1909)

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Fourteen mistakes of life

Judge [James Alexander] Rentoul, in an amusing speech to members of the Bartholomew club at Anderton’s hotel last night, gave the following list of the “fourteen mistakes of life” — remarking that he had committed every one of them again and again:

1. To attempt to set up our own standard of right and wrong and expect everybody to conform to it.

2. To try to measure the enjoyment of others by our own.

3. To expect uniformity of opinion in this world.

4. To look for judgment and experience in youth.

5. To endeavor to mold all dispositions alike.

6. Not to yield in unimportant trifles.

7. To look for perfection in our own actions.

8. To worry ourselves and others about what cannot be remedied.

9. Not to alleviate if we can all that needs alleviation.

10. Not to make allowances for the weaknesses of others.

11. To consider anything impossible that we cannot ourselves perform.

12. To believe only what our finite minds can grasp.

13. To live as if the moment, the time, the day, were so important that it would live forever.

14. To estimate people by some outside quality, when it is that within which makes the man.

– From the London Leader

Illustration: Gentlemen’s evening wear from L Adler Bros & Co, Rochester NY. “Our clothes bear the unmistakable stamp of quality. So does the man who wears them.” (1909)

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