Stuffed cucumbers recipe (1904)

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Stuffed cucumbers

Choose large yellow cucumbers; pare, cut off an inch length at one end, remove all the seeds and pulp, and securely fasten the end to the cucumber from which it was cut. Cover with cold water, adding a rounding tablespoonful of salt for each quart of water. Drain the next morning, and cover with fresh salt water as before. The third morning, cover with clear water and let stand twenty-four hours, changing the water several times, or until all the salt is extracted and the cucumbers seem firm.

Fill the shells with the following mixture and sew each end securely to the cucumber to which it belongs. Filling: One pound of seeded raisins chopped fine, half a pound of citron cut in tiny dice; add half a teaspoonful of ground cinnamon and mix thoroughly. Make as many times the quantity as needed, observing the same proportions throughout.

– Good Housekeeping

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