Study your husband to prevent divorce (1903)

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Study your husband

A little knowledge will prevent divorce

New course presented by a college to do away with marital differences, which has some good points if it does not cover all the points on the subject.

A new scheme has been advanced to decrease the number of marital disagreements and hence do away with that awful menace of modern society — divorce. Women are to be induced to take up a study of psychology, then they will be able to read the workings of the brain of the man they expect to marry and watch the wheels go round after the ceremony, in this way they can know always just what to do to avoid rubbing the wrong way.

This new anti-divorce movement has been inaugurated by the faculty of the women’s department of Ruskin University at Glen Ellyn, Illinois, of which Miss Ada C Sweet, a writer of prominence and a well-known club woman, has been elected dean. The women’s department is rather new and was established especially to turn out wives and mothers. Mathematics and foreign and dead languages will be consigned to the attic, and English grammar and literature will be taught instead. Then a course in “housewifery” will begin, and the girls taught to cook and sew.

Then last, and by no means least, psychology will be taught to enable the young women to know how to keep the affection of their husbands, once gained.

It is plain to be seen that the faculty of this new department thinks that men are abused and much misunderstood, for they say that most divorces are the result of the failure of women to understand their husbands. According to them, women do not know how to cater to their wants or understand their moods. They are out of sympathy with them, and the husbands, knowing that, seek solace and comfort elsewhere.

It is all the fault of women, and psychological studies are to do away with these conditions. The young women who engage in the study will be able to find out what kind of man she is marrying. Their conduct before marriage will not be a criterion as to his fitness. Instead, his intended wife will study his disposition and read his mind, so the psychologists claim.

Now the funniest part of it all is that these new ideas are advanced by an unmarried woman and by a man. How can Miss Sweet possibly know? And R T Morgan, superintendent of the university — well, perhaps he is one of the dreadfully misunderstood.

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