St Patrick’s Day postcards (1909)

Here is a selection of holiday postcards for St Patrick’s Day. They’re all from the year 1909, which, from our research, appeared to be a pretty big year for these greeting cards.

Greeting postcards to celebrate St Patrick’s Day


Erin go bragh — Dear Irish memories — A bit o’ Blarney and lakes o’ Killarney / Will stir each Irish heart / For they bring sweet memories / that no earthly power can part:


St Patrick’s Day greetings by artist Ellen Clapsaddle — Here’s wishing you a bright and happy St Patrick’s Day:


Erin go bragh — Ross Castle, Killarney — Irish inspiration:


The Maid of Erin playing a harp:


Erin go bragh! Woman in a green dress waving a flag with a golden lyre:

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