Wagons removing snow after a storm in New York City (1908)

1908-nyc-Wagons removing snow]


Clearing snow off the boardwalk in Atlantic City (1915)



Loading snow onto carts in Washington DC (c1909)

loading-snow-washington-dc-between-1909-1920 (2)

loading-snow-washington-dc-between-1909-1920 (1)


Cleaning off the streets in NYC after a blizzard (1899)

1899-Cleaning the streets in a New York blizzard


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Carts bringing excess snow to the river… (1899)



… and dumping the snow into the water (1899)

1899-Dumping snow into the river after a blizzard, New York


An old-time open-front snow plow in NYC (c1910)

c1910-Snow plow, Union Square

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