NYC heat wave: Hot weather street scenes (early 1900s)

Hot weather – cooling off in a fountain

Kids clustered around a fountain during one summer between 1908 and 1915

hot-weather-in-nyc-early-1900s-vintage (1)


Dipping heads in a fountain

Hot weather street scene – boys dipping their heads in fountain (between 1908 and 1915)

hot-weather-in-nyc-early-1900s-vintage (2)

Hot weather drinking fountain

On a hot day in New York, men and children stop to drink water at a fountain (between 1908 and 1915)

hot-weather-in-nyc-early-1900s-vintage (3)

Free shower baths for horses

Hot weather charity, New York… for horses only. (August 1911)

hot-weather-in-nyc-early-1900s-vintage (4)


In the park with babies & strollers

Photo of women and children cooling off in the park from between 1910 and 1915

hot-weather-in-nyc-early-1900s-vintage (5)

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