New golf club may render caddy obsolete (1900)

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New golf stick

May render the caddy a thing of the past

Special Dispatch to The Call

Pasadena, February 3, 1900 — Franc L Grannis of this city, a wealthy devotee of the game of golf, is preparing for patent a new kind of golf club, which he thinks and is confident will not only double his fortune, but will revolutionize the royal game of golf. The caddy will be extinct in a few years if this invention proves to be a success. We have the chainless bicycle, the horseless carriage, smokeless powder, etc; and Mr Grannis insists that the caddiless golfer should now fall in line. The only use a caddy can be put to when he isn’t chasing balls is carrying golf clubs. So Mr Grannis has invented and applied for a patent for a golf club which will reduce to a minimum of one the number of sticks which it is necessary for the scientific golfite to have in his company.

The club is in reality a patent cleak, which is supplied with a mechanism that quickly transforms it into any of the sticks commonly used — the lofter, the putter, the midiron and even the driver. It may be made either left-handed or right-handed and changed to suit the condition of the player. The desired effect is secured by a screw and pivot arrangement that can be easily operated, sliding the heel of the club upward or downward and adjusting it to the proper angle. Mr Grannis says that the weight of the mechanism is not sufficient to interfere with it.

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