Mushroom stuffing

Take six or eight small mushrooms, peel them, and put them into a saucepan with a slice of fresh butter. Let them simmer gently for seven or eight minutes. Drain the liquor from them and let them cool; then mince them and mix them with a quarter pound of finely-grated breadcrumbs. Add a slight seasoning of salt, cayenne, grated nutmeg, and grated lemon rind — but be careful that the mushroom flavor is not overpowered.

Work one ounce of fresh butter into the force meat, bind it together with the yolk of an egg, and add as much of the butter in which the mushrooms were stewed as it will take without being made too moist.

Pound the mixture thoroughly, and it will be ready for use. Fill the turkey with it, boil or toast it, and send mushroom sauce to table with it. Time: One hour to prepare the force meat.

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Source publication: The Saint Paul Globe. (St. Paul, Minn.)

Source publication date: December 09, 1903

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