Minestrone soup recipe (1908)

Minestrone soup

Brown the minced white of two small leeks and a third of an onion, also minced, in one ounce of chopped, fresh breast of bacon, and a half ounce of grated fat bacon. Moisten with one and a half pints of white consomme, and add a third of a carrot, a third of a turnip, half a stick of celery, two ounces of small cabbage, and one small potato, or a half of a medium-sized one. all of which vegetables must be finely-minced.

About 25 minutes after the soup has started cooking, complete it with two tablespoonfuls of peas, a few French beans cut into lozenges, and one and a half ounces of rice or the same quantity of very thin macaroni broken into very small pieces.

This done, set to cook again for 30 minutes. A few minutes before serving, add to the soup one small crushed clove of garlic, three leaves of sweet basil, and a small pinch of of chopped chervil pluches. Mix the whole with half a tablespoonful of bacon. Send to the table, separately, at the same time as the soup, some freshly-grated Gruyere.

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