Workers in 1909

Fit yourself for your work

If any woman is helped to a place for which she is not fitted by friends who sympathize with her, her first duty to her employer herself and her friends is to fit herself for the work. The fact that you once wore diamonds and trailed your silken gowns through marble halls does not interest your employer, but a clean page a clear brain and steady nerves do.

He is paying for well-kept books, accurate statements, careful work and conformity to rules — not for a doleful account of what you did before the family fortune vanished. If you must pity yourself, do it in private. Your employer may continue to employ you be cause he is sorry for you or is indebted to some member of your family, but don’t worry the life out of the poor man. You will win your way to his favor by being prompt, cheerful, accurate and trustworthy — and also be more contented.

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Source publication: The Ogden Standard (Ogden City, Utah)

Source publication date: September 11, 1909

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