Les Paupiete

from Miss Colombia Vadon, Cloverdale

Slice up a leg of veal into good-sized slices; sprinkle the slices with pepper. Chop up some good pork very fine, seasoning it well with pepper and salt. With this, mix two raw eggs, thyme, a pinch of powdered nutmeg and four pieces of garlic, chopped up fine.

You then take a good portion of this mixed stuff and roll up in each slice of meat, tying each paupiete (as they are called) with string, so that the stuff will not slip out while cooking. Then cook them to a golden brown, cooking not too fast.

Then put in a chopped onion after it has browned, put in a tomato, cut up fine, good sized. After this has cooked a good while with the paupiete, put in a glass of white wine. Wine reduces, and you cover the meat with water, leaving it to cook very slowly for three hours’ time.

Then take the strings off and slice up the paupiete.

A tablespoonful of flour mixed with water is added to the gravy to thicken it, then strain the gravy and pour it over the slices. Eaten either hot or cold.

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Source publication: The San Francisco Call

Source publication date: January 17, 1909

Notes: The Modern Housekeeper's Page (Column)

Filed under: 1900s, Meat recipes

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