Latest street car transfer ticket (1905)

Quincy street car transfer ticket

Latest street car transfer ticket

It has remained for Quincy, Illinois — a city of less than forty thousand population — to inaugurate a unique method of identification of passengers riding on transfers to which they are not entitled.

The Quincy Horse Railroad and Carrying Company issues a transfer ticket in one corner of which are four human portraits: one of a full bearded man, one of a man with only a mustache, one of a man clean-shaved and one of a woman with hair pompadour.

When the conductor delivers a transfer to a passenger, he punches out the face most nearly resembling the person to whom issued. If you have a mustache, out goes your face; if you are a woman, you are just as ruthlessly mutilated. This plan prevents the further use of the ticket by any one who may want to beat the road, so long as the said ticket is presented by a person who does not look like the face punched.

A full-bearded man with a clean-shaved man’s face out of this ticket is known to be a fraud. A man with a woman’s face obliterated must also be detected.

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