Is Little Jack Horner real? (1903)

Jack Horner real

Mother Goose, we have known for some time, was a “truly” person who lived in Boston and wrote the famous jingles for her grandson. But that Jack Horner ever existed in the flesh will be news to many of us who were brought up from infancy on the classic rhymes among which he figures.

“Another admired debutante,” says a London society paper, “is Miss Cecily Horner, daughter of Mr and Mrs Horner of Wells Park, Somerset, and direct descendant of Little Jack Horner — a real and important personage, by the way. Both Miss Horner and her mother used frequently to sit to Burne-Jones, and their features reappear again and again in his classical studies. Miss Horner was the ‘Aurora’ in the ‘Goddesses’ quadrille’ at the Durbar ball.”

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