Hungarian goulash

Beefsteak, onions and tomatoes and potatoes make up this dish.

Cut the meat into small cubes and place a layer on the bottom of a flat-bottomed iron kettle of good size. Over this, put a layer of sliced onions, and so on, until enough is used. Pour over it water sufficient to cover the top layer. Put over the fire and allow the contents of the kettle to come to a boil.

Allow two cupfuls of sliced or canned tomatoes to each quart of the meat and onions (mixed), and after the mixture reaches the boiling point (but on no account before), pour the toma to over the mixture, but do not stir. Now push the kettle back on the stove where it will barely bubble on one side, but not boil; simmer for two hours.

Have ready-peeled some small potatoes of uniform size and put into the kettle, pushing the meat and onions gently to one side to make room for them, but do not stir, as the contents of the pot must be disturbed as little as possible. As soon as the potatotes are done — about twenty minutes — serve the dish.

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Source publication: The Commoner (Lincoln, Neb.)

Source publication date: December 24, 1909

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