How great guns protect us (1900)

How great guns protect us-1900

How great guns protect us

General Shafter discusses the new fortifications

No seaport of the United States is more strongly defended than San Francisco is at the present moment, and yet the work is still going on. At the new battery, which will shoot over Sutro’s Baths and grounds, we are preparing to mount more of the disappearing guns, with their one range-finders; and on the cliffs below the three dynamite guns concrete foundations are being laid for the first of a series that will constitute a water battery.

The old fort at the Point may be removed and a powerful water battery placed there. Rapid-fire guns will be mounted on Lime Point, below and to the west of the large disappearing rifles on the top of the cliff.

Angel Island is being fortified, and the guns already delivered there will soon be mounted.

Captions, counterclockwise, from upper left:

  • Results on armor plate
  • Gun rampant
  • New battery of dynamite guns
  • Breech of gun open and closed
  • Gun couchant
  • Deck piercing mortar

military-great guns protect us-1900

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