Dorothy Dot paper doll: Antoinette of France (1909)

Around The World With Dorothy Dot
The Dorothy Dot “Around the World” paper doll series ran in newspapers (such as the Los Angeles Herald and Salt Lake Tribune) in 1909. As much as some of these undoubtedly played up cultural stereotypes, they do offer a perspective both on how the media perceived other nations — and the ideas the children of America were being shown. The one featured here is “Antoinette” from Paris, France. We have reproduced the Dorothy Dot series of paper dolls here large enough to print out and use.

Antoinette from Paris, France

Dorothy will visit a new country each week to make a doll collection of the world’s little women, and a new doll will be printed in this space every week. You can also have a collection by cutting out Dorothy’s dolls as she shows them to you, and pasting them on cheesecloth or cardboard.

Click the image below for a larger printable version.

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