Don’t be fat – weight loss ad (1905)

Don’t be fat!

My new obesity food quickly reduces weight to normal, requires no starvation process on your part, and is absolutely safe.

Trial package sent free to all who write, by mail, postpaid, in plain wrapper — write today.

Excess fat is a disease. It is caused by imperfect assimilation of food. Nutriment which should go into muscle, sinew, bone, brain and nerve does not go there, but piles up in the form of superfluous fat, which clogs the human machinery and compresses the vital organs of the body and endangers health and life.

My new Obesity Food, taken at mealtime, compels perfect assimilation of the food and sends the food nutriment where it belongs. It requires no starvation process. You can eat all you want. It makes muscle, bone, sinew, nerve and brain tissue out of excess fat, and quickly reduces your weight to normal. It takes off the big stomach and enables the heart to act freely and the lungs to expand naturally and the kidney and liver to perform their functions in a natural manner.

My natural, scientific Obesity Food does the work. You will feel better the first day you try this wonderful home food.

Mrs Grace Reid Gates, 6068 Dearborn Street, Chicago, Ill., says: “My dear Mr Kellogg, I have been taking your wonderful remedy lacking two days of a month, and I have never felt so well and hearty and comfortable in years. I weighed nearly 195 when I began your Obesity Food and Treatment, and now I have reduced my flesh more than 48 pounds.

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“It really seems almost a miracle. I did not suppose it possible to lose so much flesh and not be hungry, but your food is wonderful.

“I eat all I want, but my weight is steadily decreasing. I have consulted a doctor several times and he says my heart is very much stronger than ever before, and my color is the picture of health.

“I had tried so many things to get rid of my fat, and none of them did it. I had no notion of trying again, until I got your letters, and now I am very glad I did.

“I have the time and will take pleasure in answering letters to those who write me.”

Send your name and address – no money – today to F J Kellogg, 1780 Kellogg Bldg., Battle Creek, Mich., and receive the trial package in plain wrapper free by return mail.

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